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Why replace when you can restore?

Introducing Surface Medic, the definitive restoration solution capable of invisibly repairing any surface. Surface Medic can repair and restore damage permanently at a cheaper price than a replacement service and at minimal disruption. In addition to this Surface Medic provides a greener solution by reducing the amount of waste that gets sent to landfills.

Surface Medic alleviates the cost and hassle of traditional replacement techniques, meaning that if you have to damaged surface or item, rather than having to replace it entirely, you now have the option to have the damage perfectly restored at a much lower cost and without any of the extra hassle a replacement would cause. Surface Medic provides a quality service that combines high-tech products with state of the art techniques enabling us to restore damage to any surface

Saving You Time
Our service can speed up a claims process significantly.

Saving You Money

Average savings
are estimated to be up to 90% cheaper
than replacement.

Saving You Hassle

Eliminates the need
for any additional contractors like
plumbers, tilers and builders.

​Saving The Environment

​ Reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills through replacement services.

All types of surfaces restored invisibly!

​Restoring and repairing items is an art form, so to make sure we can deliver the best results we have trained professionals who are equipped with state of the art equipment and tools such as, polymer based resins fillers, colour matching systems and multi-material kits along with a whole host of other tools, ensuring that they equipped with everything they need to deliver the perfect finish.


No Stress. No Mess.