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Surface Medic delivers incredible nationwide repairs to cracks, chips, dents, scratches, burns, holes and much more!

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Why replace when you can restore?

Repairs and restorations to hard surfaces

Introducing Surface Medic, the definitive repair and restoration solution. Our highly trained technicians are capable of repairing any hard surface, we can repair and restore any damage for the fraction of the replacement costs with minimal disruption. Surface Medic also offer a bespoke glass repairs division with all our technicians undergoing specialised training in order to work on glass repairs. Furthermore, we help towards sustaining a greener and more eco-friendly future by reducing the amount of waste that gets sent to landfills because we work on-site with any existing surfaces.

Historically when a surface area has been damaged the only option would be to replace it, however with the arrival of Surface Medic we can offer a bespoke service with savings of up to 90% when compared to replacement methods. We also invest in the latest technology to ensure that we are able to offer quality repairs. And due to our bespoke colour matching software, many repairs can take as little as two hours! With strategically placed headquarters across the UK and Ireland, we pride ourselves on being able to provide comprehensive nationwide coverage.


Saving You Time

Surface Medic invests in the latest technology, this enables us to carry out quality repairs in as little as 2 hours!

Saving You Money

Average savings with Surface Medic is estimated to be up to 90% cheaper than traditional replacement methods.

Saving The Environment

Surface Medic significantly reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills in comparison to replacement services.

Saving You Hassle

Surface Medic removes the hassle involved when dealing with multiple contractors and will have all our work completed as soon as possible.


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Complete regional coverage across the UK and Ireland

We offer full UK & Ireland coverage as standard.  Our people are located strategically throughout the UK and Ireland, making the process of sending technicians to work with our clients a stress-free and friendly experience.

Our technicians work together with our customer support advisors to ensure that everyone is kept involved and informed from the initial point of contact through to having the works completed. In addition to this, we will gladly cater to any special requirements that our clients have.