Our Repair Services

Worktops and Countertops

Repairs to worktops and countertops can be difficult as they  are constantly open to damage due to the nature of their environment be it in the kitchen or anywhere else.

Tiles and Ceramics

Ceramics such as wall tiles and floor tiles over time have to endure a lot of wear and tear which usually means that they suffer from damages such as cracks, chips, scratches, burns and more.

Glass and Window

Damage such as scratches, scuffs and abrasions can pose a difficult problem to deal with as glass surfaces need to be carefully dealt with to ensure that they don’t lose their glazing and polish.

Doors, Frames, Kitchen Units

Doors, frames and most kitchen units are some of the most used and unprotected parts of any property which means they are susceptible to damage from almost anything.

Bricks and Stone

Damaged brick and stonework can pose a difficult issue for most people due to the fact that most of these type of fixtures are found in an outdoor environment exposing them to weather damage and external factors.

Baths, Sinks, Shower Trays

Baths, sinks and shower trays are also areas that are used very frequently and make them prone to damage such as; chips, cracks, holes and colour staining.

Wood and Laminates

Wood and laminate floor coverings are very popular due to the glossy and elegant look, but that changes drastically when they suffer from unsightly damage.

Caravan and Mobile Homes

Caravans and Mobile homes need to be built with lightweight materials to ensure they are fit for purpose, unfortunately this means that they are more susceptible to damage which can be particularly tricky to get restored.

Why Choose Us?

Saving You Time

Surface Medic invests in the latest technology, this enables us to carry out quality repairs as quickly as possible

Saving You Money

Average savings using Surface Medic is estimated to be up to 90% cheaper than traditional replacement methods.

Saving The Environment

Surface Medic significantly reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill in comparison to replacement services.

Saving You Hassle

Repairing via Surface Medic, rather than costly replacements using multiple contractors makes life much easier!


About Us

Surface Medic provides hard surface restoration and repairs. This is what we do – day in, day out – delivering reactive and diverse repairs nationwide to a range of customers and sectors; commercial to domestic, retail to construction.

We use the latest technology to skilfully restore and repair almost any hard surface, avoiding the need for costly replacement. We understand customer requirements to access our service when they need it – which is why you can phone, email or upload photos to view 24/7.

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