Case Study: Timber Door Repair

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Hotel door scrape before

The Project

One of our technicians based in Birmingham was contacted by a luxury hotel with damage to several guestrooms. Their hotel doors had been badly damaged as a result of guests who had scraped, scuffed or bumped their luggage into the hotel doors. The result was that the doors looked extremely worn and shone a negative light on an otherwise pristine hotel room. This wasn’t the only issue as the damage presented a health and safety risk for the hotel’s employees and future guests; all in all, it was a stressful situation that needed resolving as soon as possible. The hotel was potentially going to order several replacements which would have cost them thousands of pounds – fortunately they called Surface Medic!

What We Did

As soon as we were able to assess the damage, our technician was able to start the repair process. The first step he took was to cordon off the surrounding area to isolate the damage. Secondly he began to carefully fill the deep scratch by injecting a multi-resin filler that is adapted specifically for wood surfaces. This process levelled out the thin hole across the door.

He then smoothed the surface in order to blend it with the surrounding areas. Finally, our technician colour matched the surrounding area using our unique software and was able to match the matte white colour into the repair. All this done in a few hours and at no disruption to the normal flow of business.


The hotel door was restored so well that the repair was virtually indistinguishable from the rest of the door. The team at the Genting Hotel was thrilled with our work as it had surpassed all their expectations leaving them with a room that had been restored to its former glory. The amount of money that The Genting saved by calling in Surface Medic to take care of their issues was thousands of pounds, as finding quality replacement doors to fit the design of the rooms would’ve been an expensive alternative alongside disruption and loss of income as the rooms would have been out of commission during the work.

Damaged worktop before repair