Case Study: Laminated Wood Worktop Repair

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The Project

One of our highly trained Surface Repair Technicians was booked into look at a kitchen worktop that was damaged due to burn marks.

Our Repair Technicians arrived at the property at the agreed time the owner showed the Technician the worktop and explained that a hot pan from a cooker had slipped from their hands and resulted damage to the laminated worktop.

What We Did

Our Technicians carry a fully stocked van for all surfaces, so we had the equipment to repair burnt worktop there and then.  The Technician removed the burnt areas, by carefully lifting the damage off and then filled the area with wood resin filler. This was then colour matched to the specific shades of brown that were present in the surrounding worktop. wood filler then added in some wood grain detail before sealing the repair with worktop sealer.

The trickiest part of this was matching the wood grain pattern that was present in the rest of the worktop, however, all our technicians undergo some of the best training in the country and have the knowledge and skills to replicate even the finest of details.

The Result

This saved the owner having to replace the worktop which would have also resulted in removing the gas cooker hob, the sink and the tiles at the back of the worktop. Usually, a job like a this would have required the services of multiple tradesmen if it was being replaced, including the services of a Gas Engineer, Plumber, Joiner, Tiler and an Electrician, which would have ended up taking much more time and costing much more.