Case Study: Broken Acrylic Bath Handle Repair

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The Project

One of our Surface Repair Technicians arrived at a house to look at a damaged acrylic handle. The handle on the bath had broken and because the bath was installed 10 years ago, getting a replacement was proving difficult for the client which prompted the call.

The handle was on the inner side of the bath which meant replacement would have been a very costly operation as it would have required the removal of the shower screen, a row of tiles as well as a vanity unit that was positioned tightly to the bath. The tradesmen involved in replacing the bath handle rather than having it repaired would have been a Plumber, Joiner, Tiler and a lot of mess and upheaval.

What We Did

Our Surface Repair Technician set about this repair by first using his cold weld gel to piece the handle back together. He then cold welded it back on to the bath. He proceeded to fill all of the cracks around the handle and once dried he smoothed it off.

The client was concerned about the unique colour of the bath which was champagne, however our technicians have been highly trained in all aspects of colour matching, so he mixed the colour using our bath repair resin which has been developed especially for baths.


The handle was sprayed to perfection and when the client came in to see the repair she could not believe the end result because there was no sign of any damage. The classic bath handle had been perfectly restored and the client had saved a fortune because they choose to use Surface Medic, our technician left the area clean and tidy before signing off the work with our client.