Cosmetic Repairs, Everything You Need To Know

Cosmetic Repairs Specialist

Cosmetic repairs take its origins from the SMART repair industry as well as combining it with certain skills used in French polishing. The result is a service which can repair and restore a wide range of damage to many different surfaces. The types of damage that can be repaired through the Surface Medic team can range from scratches, dents, chips, holes, stains, burns and much more.

In fact, as long as the structural integrity of the surface remains intact, then it’s highly likely that Surface Medic can carry out a cosmetic repair. Our focus is primarily on hard surfaces because they are particularly susceptible to damage and everyday wear and tear.

What are ‘hard surfaces’?

We always ensure that our clients are aware that we work primarily on hard surfaces which often leads to people wondering what exactly a hard surface is.

In a nutshell, hard surfaces are anything that can be found inside or outside your property that is a solid structure. This can range from anything such as a kitchen worktop, doors, windowsills brickwork, stonework, baths, sinks and showers, we could go on forever but the gist of it is, if it’s a hard surface, chances are we can repair it. Click here for a more detailed breakdown of some of the most common repairs we do.

There’s very little we can’t do and it’s extremely rare for us to decline a job on the basis that we can’t repair or restore the surface. However, there are certain surfaces that we can’t repair due to the nature of their material or design, such as, mirrored surfaces or shattered/broken glass. Although, we can repair scratches, cuts and graffiti off glass surfaces.

The benefits of cosmetic repairs

The benefits of cosmetic repair are very straightforward, we carry out repair work to surfaces that are damaged and through this process, we save our clients time and money over having to replace the damaged surface.

Here’s a quick example of the savings possible through our cosmetic repairs.

A contractor has just realised that a newly installed bath has a large chip on the side of the bath, the damage is immediately noticeable and it needs to be fixed.


Traditionally, the approach would have been to replace the bath which would be an expensive and time-consuming activity in of itself, when you then factor in removing the tiling and fittings in the surrounding areas the situation only gets worse. However, when Surface Medic is called in to carry out a cosmetic repair, we’re able to assess the damage and the situation before letting the client know what we can do.


In this instance, we would be able to repair the damage to the side of the bath on-site without the need to remove or replace anything. Saving the client a huge amount of time, money and perhaps more importantly stress.

Then there are times when a cosmetic repair simply isn’t suitable for the situation if for example the structural integrity of the surface has been compromised. Our technicians will let you know beforehand whether or not a cosmetic repair would be suitable for your situation and if you require a replacement service we’ll even put you in touch with our own building repair network.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, we’ll always provide a solution.

How do our cosmetic repairs work?

Sometimes when you hear something that sounds too good to be true, it usually is. So it’s only natural when people want to know exactly how our repairs work because when they do, we genuinely save our clients a huge amount of time and money.

First and foremost our technicians are highly trained individuals who all under-go our rigorous training regime from one of the industry’s leading authorities on cosmetic repair. In addition to this we equip all our technicians with the state of the art tools and a advanced colour matching system to allow them to carry out high quality, picture-perfect, durable repairs to almost any hard surface.

In fact, we’re so confident in our repairs that we offer all our clients a hassle free 1 year guarantee on all our repairs.

Get in touch

If you’d like to know more or want to get in touch with us feel free to call us on 0800 037 0080 or contact us online.  You can send us pictures of a damaged surface and we can assess the pictures, after which someone from our team will keep you updated on your request.

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