Case Study: Find out how we brought this Solid Oak Furniture back to life

The Project

We were called by a homeowner who had damaged a piece of furniture that was very special to him, Solid Oak Furniture worth £2,000. An absolutely gorgeous piece of furniture that unfortunately had diffuser oil spilled across the centre of the table. The damage was very deeply ingrained because a repair had already been attempted but failed.

What We Did

Once we arrived on site and inspected the damage we quickly realized that the table was not going to be able to be repaired via standard methods due to the attempted failed repair. However, all of our technicians are multi-skilled tradesmen who possess a variety of skills which meant we could offer an alternative solution. We informed our client that we could strip the tables’ exterior surface and then re-varnish it with a colour of their choice.

The client agreed and was excited to see their oak table brought back to life in a different colour. We started off by sanding the exterior of the table back to the bare wood, we built the surface back up with various different kind of varnished layers. Once we reached the original surface level we coated the table with the final colour that our client requested.


Our client was over the moon with the repair as they much preferred the new colour of their Oak Furniture (table) and our restoration had saved them over £2,000 on buying a new table. The final result was amazing, we don’t often get asked to do resurfacing of hard surfaces but the final result was truly remarkable. This technique allows us to completely change the colour of a hard surface whilst keeping the natural properties of the material intact.

The client was so thrilled with the repair they even left us with a stand out review on LinkedIn.

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