Case Study: Corroded Steel & Ceramic Bath

Corroded ceramic bath

The Project

One of our technicians based in Colchester was contacted by a local letting agent. Specifically the steel & ceramic bath in this property had suffered corrosion through wear and tear as well as being damaged by previous tradesmen. We were contacted because the ceramic bath would have been extremely costly to remove and replace, in addition to hugely pushing back their schedule.

What We Did

A repair to a badly corroded surface often means taking a procedural approach. So the first thing we did was to remove as much of the corroded section as possible in order to open up the area to be filled in using our specialist water resistant resin filler. This process was repeated several times to allow the filler to build up and then sanding it down to ensure a smooth and flat surface free of pin holes.

Once the surface level of the repair matched the surrounding areas we used our colour matching system to find the exact shade of white that was needed to blend in the repair. Once finished we coated the entire repair to ensure a glossy, waterproof finish.


As you can see in the pictures the end result was a perfectly restored bath unit. All evidence of the previous corrosion was eliminated and the client was extremely pleased with the final result. We saved our client a lot of money and time by avoiding an expensive replacement option which would have involved ripping out the entire bath, the surrounding wall and floor tiles, extra plumbing work to install the new bath and the removal of all the excess waste caused as a result.

We offer a simpler, more cost effective approach that allows us to work on an existing surface with fully trained technicians who can work independently and quickly on virtually any surface.

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Repair to a damaged bath