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New build home repairs

As potential house owners arrive to inspect your new build and their potential future home, it is crucial that they are presented with a pristine and flawless looking property. However, the accidental damage that occurs during the building and fitting (post snags) can result in unsafe and unsightly scratches, chips, cracks, holes and more, all of which will result in a negative experience for any potential clients.

In the past, most companies and project managers were left to replace any damaged surfaces but with Surface Medic, you can avoid having to spend thousands of pounds in replacement costs we can offer savings of up to 90% through the use of our specialist repair and restoration techniques.

Some of the most common areas that are affected within new builds tend to be; worktops, windows, ledges, doors and tiles, our technicians can restore the damage done to virtually any surface within a few hours.

In fact, in some cases, we can carry out quality repairs in under two hours. We also provide full UK coverage so no matter where you’re based we can come to you.

Letting Agents

Whether due to natural wear and tear or genuine accidents damage to fixtures and fittings can ruin the appearance of your home. At Surface Medic we understand the importance of maintaining the look and feel of your property,  we work quickly and efficiently in order to restore your home to a pristine finish – you won’t spot the difference.

Repairing and restoring damaged surfaces is also a more economical solution than replacement, particularly when you account for the cost and hassle of delivery and installation is taken into account. We offer a more convenient solution with our mobile repair technicians available across the country to swiftly carry out repairs in any of your properties.

Hard surface repair technician helping home owner

Are you a homeowner looking for home repairs?

Over the years whether it’s because of family, children, pets or genuine accidents your property is prone to being the victim of accidental damage or natural wear and tear. Our home repair technicians understand how important it is to have your home looking pristine and will work diligently to ensure your property is restored to its former glory. We also offer a complete glass restoration service to clear away any unsightly scratches, scuffs or graffiti.

Surface Medic can provide you with a quick and cost-effective solution to help keep your house a home. In order to provide the best customer service, we will work at a time that’s suitable for you and before we finish our repairs we will ensure that we leave your home clean and tidy, so there’s nothing left for you to worry about.

What We Offer:

Savings of up to 90% over replacement methods

Drastically reduce the amount of time needed to carry out repairs

All our repairs come with a complete twelve month guarantee

We employ fully trained professionals equipped with the latest tools and technology

We offer a  24/7 support from our UK based customer service team

Our bespoke I.T and Client Management System allows us to keep our focus on our clients

We offer full UK and Ireland coverage, as standard.

We have many years of industry experience allowing us to provide our expert analysis on any situation