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Marine Environments

Marine Environments Industry Experts

Whether it’s due to accidental damage, natural wear and tear or weather damage it can be tough for the marine industry to deal with these issues without spending a considerable amount of money.

Boats, cruise ships, ferries etc. are all built with durable, complex and ultimately light-weight materials to ensure they are fit for purpose and this only increases the chance that they will need on-going work to maintain them. Surface Medic can provide a solution that is affordable whilst also saving you time and reducing the hassle of the whole situation.

We recommend that any work done on these types of crafts be done whilst the ship is docked or at bay. However if work is required within the craft then we can have one of our technicians work on-board the ship whilst it is in motion if this is required. Surface Medic can wash all your repair and restoration troubles away.

What we offer

  • Cost effective solution for damage claims, huge savings when using Surface Medic over replacement methods
  • Quick, efficient and professional, Surface Medic reduces the average time of a claim in excess of 60%
  • No mess, no stress. Our technicians work completely independently which means you don’t need to worry about additional contractors
  • Bespoke claims handling system and 24/7 UK based contact centre
  • Nationwide Coverage

What We Offer:

Savings of up to 90% over replacement methods

Drastically reduce the amount of time needed to carry out repairs

All our repairs come with a complete twelve month guarantee

We employ fully trained professionals equipped with the latest tools and technology

We offer a  24/7 support from our UK based customer service team

Our bespoke I.T and Client Management System allows us to keep our focus on our clients

We offer full UK and Ireland coverage, as standard.

We have many years of industry experience allowing us to provide our expert analysis on any situation