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Insurance Industry Repair experts

Accidental damage, weather damage and vandalism are just some of the many types of claims that insurance companies have to deal with on a daily basis. And until now most of these claims have had to involve replacing entire sections of damaged hard surfaces which can be a gruelling, expensive and time-consuming method of dealing with the situation.

Surface Medic provides a more cost-effective and stress-free solution that reduces the time needed to carry out a repair and subsequently, reduce the amount of time needed to resolve the claim. Being able to repair and restore damage done to internal and external areas massively reduces the costs and delays often associated with replacement.

We have over thirty years of experience working with some of the largest insurance companies in the UK and Ireland.  Working with our diverse portfolio of insurance clients has aided us in being able to provide an overall effective solution that satisfies the policy-holder and all other parties involved.

Improve customer satisfaction & reduce claim times

Repairing damaged surfaces whether internal or external help eliminates the costs and setbacks often associated with replacements, with savings of up to 90% being possible when an insurer calls Surface Medic.

In order to ensure that we can offer a complete restoration solution to any insurance claim, we ensure that our specialist technicians are trained to the highest standards at our in-house training centre. In addition to this, our head office team process all insurance claims through our bespoke claims management system which is operational on a 24/7 basis.

This allows our head office coordinators to ensure that all contracts are quickly processed and completed to the satisfaction of the policyholder and the insurance company.

Hard surface repair technician helping home owner

What We Offer:

Savings of up to 90% over replacement methods

Drastically reduce the amount of time needed to carry out repairs

All our repairs come with a complete twelve month guarantee

We employ fully trained professionals equipped with the latest tools and technology

We offer a  24/7 support from our UK based customer service team

Our bespoke I.T and Client Management System allows us to keep our focus on our clients

We offer full UK and Ireland coverage, as standard.

We have many years of industry experience allowing us to provide our expert analysis on any situation