hard surface repair experts entering hotel

Using Surface Medic within the hospitality industry

The hospitality and leisure industries are made up of a variety of different business ranging from hotels, pubs, restaurants, travel, tourism, sport and leisure. Due to the abundance of customer interaction that these types of business go through the industry is highly dependent on consumer confidence and is facing ever increasing pressure to deliver consistency and quality. And if you have a business area that is damaged or simply exposed to too much wear and tear, it will end up leaving a negative impression on any potential customers. This where Surface Medic can help, we offer a unique cost-effective approach to any hard surface repairs that will keep your business looking immaculate day in, day out.

Some of the most common hard surface repairs at hotel and leisure properties tend to be because of accidental damage caused by customers or damage that has been incurred from previous building work or tradesmen. Regardless of the type of damage, Surface Medic is on hand to offer stunning, durable and cost effective repairs with possible savings of up to 90% over replacement methods.

Restoration and Repair Experts

Surface Medic’s specialist restoration and repair team can reduce the cost of maintaining your business whilst at the same time removing the delays and stress that a replacement would usually cause, which allows your business to operate with minimal disruption.

All our hard surface repairs are carried out on-site to ensure we provide a quality, rapid repair response service. We can often conduct our repairs in the designated rooms or areas where the damage has occurred in between busy periods any other downtime’s the business may have. Meaning that none of your business areas or rooms will be out of service, and there is little to no disruption to the flow of your business. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.