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Government and councils

Government & Council Industry Repair

The government and local bodies across the UK have a massive amount of properties under their care, and all of these properties need to be maintained to ensure they are safe and sound environments to live or work in.

To help assist with this issue Surface Medic offers a permanent cost effective repair and restoration solution for any damage to any property across the UK, and our service is an environmentally friendly solution when compared to replacement as we reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfills through our specialist techniques.

Surface Medic provides a highly cost effective alternative to replacement helping our clients manage their budgets and meet any and all regulations pertaining to having a safe and sound environments. We possess the required experience and resources to handle the need for damage restoration from government or local areas. Our technicians are all fully trained and accustomed to working with various different teams and organizations to ensure we carry out a rapid repair response solution.

Surface Medic can:

  • Permanantly fix accidental damage or vandalism
  • Repair and restore surface areas that have suffered from natural wear and tear
  • Carry out repairs during refurbishments and maintenance, or during downtime and evening periods to reduce any disturbance caused
  • Remove graffiti, burns, stain marks or any other unsightly damage across your properties

What We Offer:

Savings of up to 90% over replacement methods

Drastically reduce the amount of time needed to carry out repairs

All our repairs come with a complete twelve month guarantee

We employ fully trained professionals equipped with the latest tools and technology

We offer a  24/7 support from our UK based customer service team

Our bespoke I.T and Client Management System allows us to keep our focus on our clients

We offer full UK and Ireland coverage, as standard.

We have many years of industry experience allowing us to provide our expert analysis on any situation