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Caravan and mobile homes

Caravan Repair, Mobile Home Repair & Restoration

Caravans and Mobile homes need to be built with lightweight materials to ensure they are fit for purpose, unfortunately this also means that they are more susceptible to damage which can be particularly tricky to get restored, even more-so if the model or make of your property is of an older model/make.

Luckily that’s where Surface Medic steps in, we offer a cost effective restoration solution to any surface ensuring that any damage on your caravan or mobile home is repaired as soon as possible.

Commonly damaged areas on caravans and mobile homes are:

  • Dents or chips on the exterior bodywork
  • Scratches and burn marks on exterior and interior surfaces
  • Scratched or abrasions to the paintwork
  • Cracks or scratches to glass areas

All of our technicians undergo industry leading in-house training from qualified experts, combine this with state of the art technology and you have a fully qualified and dedicated task force capable of restoring and repairing any damage in any environment.

What We Offer:

Savings of up to 90% over replacement methods

Drastically reduce the amount of time needed to carry out repairs

Quick, reliable and permanent repairs

We employ fully trained professionals equipped with the latest tools and technology

We offer a  24/7 support from our UK based customer service team

Our bespoke I.T and Client Management System allows us to keep our focus on our clients

We offer full UK and Ireland coverage, as standard.

We have many years of industry experience allowing us to provide our expert analysis on any situation