Glass and Window

Damage such as scratches, scuffs and abrasions can pose a difficult problem to deal with as glass surfaces need to be carefully dealt with to ensure that they don’t lose their glazing and polish. Surface Medic are experts at carrying out glass repairs. We have the skills to restore and repair damaged glass surfaces leaving them with a polished and protected finish.

Below are some of the more common repairs we carry out on different kinds of glass surfaces, it’s worth remembering though Surface Medic can repair virtually any hard surface from a variety of issues.

Scratched Glass & Glass Scuffs Repaired and Restored

Surface Medic offers specialist on-site glass repairs and restoration, our high-quality tools allow us to remove and polish out any scratches leaving the glass surfaces with a clean, clear and crisp finish. We also specialise in window frame repairs.



Glass and Window Repair. What We Offer:

Our glass repairs and polishing can remove:

Light and Deep scratches

Graffiti and vandalism

Weather and water damage

Accidental damage

It’s not just glass and window repairs, we can work on practically any hard surface. If you want to find out if we can help you then, simply get in touch with us, chances are we’ll have a fix just for you