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Doors, Frames, Kitchen Units Repairs

Door and frame repairs, as well as most kitchen unit repairs, are very common jobs for Surface Medic. They are some of the most used and unprotected parts of any property which means they are susceptible to damage from almost anything. Don’t think about replacing because with our immediate on-site repairs Surface Medic offers a cheaper, faster and hassle free alternative to bringing the shine back to your home.

Below are some of the more common repairs we carry out on doors, frames and kitchen units, it’s worth remembering though that Surface Medic can repair virtually any hard surface from a variety of issues.

Kitchen Units Repaired and Restored

Surface Medic can work on practically any part of a kitchen environment from doors, cupboards, floors, tiles, walls and worktops. Get in touch to find out how we can help keep your kitchen looking good, looking clean and keep them safe and sanitary. We specialise in kitchen repairs.

Chips Repaired and Restored

Large chip missing out of door was ruining the look of the entire room. This was no problem for Surface Medic we had the chip repaired and restored and the door looking as good as new.



Discoloured And Damaged Frame Repaired and Restored

This discoloured and damaged door frame was extremely unsightly and the client needed it fixed. Surface Medic stepped in to offer a world class repair by colour matching and pattern matching the wooden grain effect for a great finish.



Wear And Tear Repaired and Restored

This frame was simply subjected to natural wear and tear that every surface goes through, as this happens they begin to lose their shine and lustre and can eventually make them look old and used.



It’s not just doors and frames, we can work on practically any hard surface. If you want to find out if we can help you then, simply get in touch with us chances are, we’ll have a fix just for you.