Bricks and Stone

Damaged brick and stonework can pose a difficult issue as they are constantly exposed to weather damage and external factors. However, Surface Medic is a great solution to stone repair and brick repair issues as we can accurately and effectively restore damage done reducing the need for costly replacements.

Below are some of the more common repairs we carry out on different kinds of brick and stone surfaces, it’s worth remembering though Surface Medic can repair virtually any hard surface,

Stone Wall Repaired and Restored

The corner edge of a stone wall was damaged causing a large gap. The corner of the wall was restored using our composite stone fillers and matched using our colour matching system. Nowadays many different types of stone and brickwork can be repaired reducing the need for expensive replacements.



Accidental Damage Repaired and Restored

Accidents happen, and because the majority of stonework is found on the outside of a property they tend to be involved in more accidental damage. Surface Medic makes quick work of these problems and can work on-site at your property and repair your home on the inside and out.



All Kinds Of Brickwork Repaired and Restored

Damaged brickwork can pose a difficult problem to most homeowners as damage to this area of your property can affect its look, safety and stability. At Surface Medic we can repair your property on-site reducing the need for excess waste removal and multiple tradesmen.

It’s not just bricks and stone, we can work on practically any hard surface. If you want to find out if we can help you then, simply get in touch with us chances, are we’ll have a fix just for you.