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Common Surface Repairs

Using state of the art equipment our fully trained technicians are able to effectively restore and repair cracks, burns, marks, dents, chips and scratches and much more. Listed below are our most common areas for surface repair, feel free to contact us for a complete listing of what we can do.

Worktops and Countertops Repairs

Repairs to worktops and countertops can be difficult as they  are constantly exposed to danger due to the nature of their environment be it in the kitchen or anywhere else. Chips, scratches, cracks or even burn marks are common problems for these surfaces, all of which can ruin their look and possibly cause a health and safety hazard. Using our fully trained technicians and expert equipment Surface Medic is perfectly equipped to repair and restore worktops and countertops to their former glory.

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Tiles and Ceramics Repairs

Ceramics such as wall tiles and floor tiles over time have to endure a lot of wear and tear which usually means that they suffer from damages such as cracks, chips, scratches, burns and more. Our tile repairs are perfectly suited to these problems as we can colour and pattern match existing tiles on-site ensuring that a replacement isn’t needed.

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Glass and Window Repairs

Damage such as scratches, scuffs and abrasions can pose a difficult problem to deal with as glass surfaces need to be carefully dealt with to ensure that they don’t lose their glazing and polish. At Surface Medic we have the skills to restore and repair damaged glass surfaces leaving them with a polished and protected finish.

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Doors, Frames, Kitchen Units Repairs

Doors, frames and most kitchen units are some of the most used and unprotected parts of any property which means they are susceptible to damage from almost anything. So don’t think about replacing because with our immediate on-site repairs Surface Medic offers a cheaper, faster and hassle free alternative to bring the shine back to your home.

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Bricks and Stone Repairs

Damaged brick and stonework can pose a difficult issue for most people due to the fact that most of these type of fixtures are found in an outdoor environment exposing them to weather damage and external factors. However, Surface Medic is a great solution to these issues as we can accurately and effectively restore damage done reducing the need for costly replacements.

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Baths, Sinks, Shower Trays Repairs

Baths, sinks and shower trays are also areas that are used very frequently and make them prone to damage such as; chips, cracks, holes and colour staining. Not only are these issues unsightly but can also result in an unhygienic environment. Our technicians are capable of resolving these problems within a couple of hours leaving you with a polished and precise finish.

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Wood and Laminates Repairs

Wood repairs and laminate repairs are very popular due to the glossy and elegant look, but that changes drastically when they suffer from damage. Replacing entire sections of wood or laminate can be very costly however, with Surface Medic we can offer a more affordable solution that restores your surfaces with our colour and pattern matching technology.

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Caravan and Mobile Homes Repairs

Caravans and Mobile homes need to be built with lightweight materials to ensure they are fit for purpose, unfortunately this also means that they are more susceptible to damage which can be particularly tricky to get restored. Surface Medic offers a cost effective solution that is available throughout the UK and Ireland so we can get to you no matter where you are.

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